A hassle to get the sunset times right in the summer/winter!

  • Hi, how come I still can't control sunrise and sunset times manually? Do you not know that in some parts of the world we have sunrise far too early in the winter and too late in the summer? Do you seriously think it's okay to have the computer screen turn orange at 2PM? And not before 11PM in the summer?

    As it is now, I have to search for a location where the sun sets at a normal time in the summer and winter so that I can try and have the screen turn orange at a normal time, a few hours before my bedtime. Why can't I just set the times manually? You see, here in Norway we don't go to bed at 4PM and sleep for 18 hours just because the sun isn't up more than a few hours! We actually try to counteract the darkness outside by using bright white lights (and bright computer screens) to have a normal daily rythm and counter depression from the darkness!

    So please let us have manual control as an option! It doesn't mean everybody has to use it, just add it as and OPTION!

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