Uninstalled F.lux after experiencing some problems, F.lux still runs.

  • Like the title says. I was getting on COD black ops 4 and had f.lux installed, it is currently noon PST, and as soon as the program opened F.lux dimmed my screens. I disabled f.lux for all fullscreen applications, and COD in specific, and restarted the game, but it happened again. I ran many fullscreen applications, but it kept happening. No matter what when I would open a fullscreen program flux would dim the blue light on my screens. I went as far as uninstalling f.lux from my pc completely, yet when I opened COD thinking the issue would be resolved, my screens were dimmed again. This program is somehow dimming my screens without even being present on my system. Wat do. halp.

    System specs
    asus m5a99 pro r2.0
    AMD fx 8350 4.2ghz
    MSI Radeon rx480
    Win 7

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