"Sleep in on weekends" option coming to windows?

  • I've seen references to a "sleep in on weekends" option in the Mac version. Is there any plan to have the same kind of option for Windows?


  • I second this :(
    The program is already using the time and maybe date (considering the huge difference between sundown in winter/summer)? Unless it's just pulling sunrise and sundown times from somewhere. Mac has had this for years, I think...

  • Plus, I'm not a fan of it leaving no option for setting times in general at all. I mean, I get that the team has said that they want to use this to educate people on how light has an effect on us, but I personally have worked night shifts and had to sleep during the day and had family members who did the same (prior careers in nursing homes/hospitals) and it would've been awesome to have something like this that I could optimize for my own schedule.

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