[BUG] Only half of screen is covered by flux on Windows 10

  • This is a very strange bug that happens when it gets dark and flux starts to transition instantly. Only the left half of my screen gets covered by the color change. It's cut perfectly in the middle. The right half of the screen remains untouched by flux.

    I'm using Windows 10 x64. I've recently switched from a full hd 60hz monitor to one with 144hz and 2560x1440. This bug only started to happen after switching to the new screen. Also I've changed the windows scaling to 125%. The bug started happening a few weeks ago, but I've switched to my monitor in around June.

    The bug can be overcome by just playing with the temperature slide a bit and with restarting flux. It gets randomly fixed after trying these 2 solutions for a bit (like 20-40 seconds). Not a big issue for me, but worth a report.

    Also the bug doesn't happen everyday. It started to happen more frequently recently.

  • Sorry to necro this thread, but I recently started having an issue where the right half of my 240hz monitor turned dark or dim randomly throughout the day. I thought that my monitor was going bad, but it turns out that uninstalling flux fixed the problem. Thankfully I tried that before I bought a new $400 monitor. This also started happening about 2 days after I upgraded my GPU to the AMD 5700. I also want to note that when this occured, it did not affect on my 2nd monitor, a 60HZ LG.

    Monitor: AW2518HF (Dell Alienware - 240hz - AMD FreeSync)
    GPU: AMD 5700

    alt text

  • To add to your notes, I upgraded to a new PC, also with an AMD 5700 XT and have the exact same issue.
    I had to downgrade my Amd Radeon Adrenalin 2020 to 19.9.2 because the newer driver caused several issues I'm unable to deal with atm but at the exact time this visual error came up.
    So for me it's either this bug, or buggy GPU drivers... If anyone has this issue I suggest updating your graphics drivers.
    iiyama Red Eagle, 1440p 144hz via Displayport & MSI Evoke 5700 XT OC. Win 10 pro.

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