Does f.lux really require Internet Explorer? I hate IE.

  • It seems f.lux can only be installed if the loathsome Internet Explorer is my default browser. I hate Internet Explorer. Can I go back to my preferred browser, Chrome, after it''s installed? The program informs me Chrome will not run the javascript scripts that interface with Google. I really like f.lux, but if I have to keep Internet Explorer as my default browser I'd rather do without it.

  • It does use an IE window to display a map, but this should not ever change your default browser.

  • You can have any browser you want as your default. I have Firefox set as my default (but that doesn't mean f.lux is using Firefox). I don't understand why you are seeing some sort of indication that you have to have Internet Explorer set as your default. I never saw any such indication. Where did you get f.lux from?

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