f.lux activating my GPU fan at night, keeping me awake

  • I've been trying to track down what has been activating the fan of my Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti RGB at night for months. Sometimes it's really bad and spins up and down and keeps me from sleeping - this card could fly with its fan as big as it is. Last night I finally tried closing f.lux. Now it seems obvious - if I had checked the driver info in the f.lux settings I would have seen that it uses GPU for the filter. This is even more obvious in the diagnostic which shows f.lux FPS average. f.lux developers - can I please ask for a software rendering mode? I have tried a number of ways to force my GPU fan curve, however, it simply isn't working for my card. Only closing f.lux solves my problem and I really like f.lux.

  • Can you post your driver info here?
    The GPU should not be required more than usual - we do everything through Windows.

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