Open grayscale first, then vignette... Vignette doesnt show up

  • title describes entire bug.

    flux is in classic mode, the settings are 3400k night and 6500k day. when you open vignette mode first, then grayscale effect, both at the same time works normally. but if you open grayscale first, then vignette mode, there is no vignette. sometimes it works, but not every time.

    my computer's driver info as follows;
    Intel Corporation Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset (20121004)
    Windows Build: 7601

    i think that bug is only affecting me because my drivers are old(newer drivers doesnt support opengl so i have to use this drivers or i'll get a new pc), but i'm not sure, maybe it is a general bug.

    can you reproduce same bug in your own system? write down below.

    thanks, and sorry if my english isnt good enough

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