Gray Scale Graded

  • Love gray scale.

    Could there be an option to have it ½ or ¾ gray scale? That would be super!


  • More Grayscale suggestions:

    • Apply grayscale only to taskbar (optionally: show color on mouseover)
    • Apply grayscale to everything except the active window (optionally: always show background in color)

  • Thanks for suggestions!

    We tried using a very tiny bit of color, which was pretty neat - I might put an option back in for it. You have to go pretty far, or it basically looks the same.

    What I think is happening is that a "natural" palette like you'd see outdoors just doesn't have a lot of super-saturated colors, and these colors we're seeing on computer screens are so saturated that we have to dial them back a ton before they aren't really noticeable. I wish we could target just the unnatural ones and leave most of the rest.

    Regarding regions: it is a good idea / may be possible in the future, but full-screen is the most reliable thing we can do for now.

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