• I saw your announcement about the greyscale setting. I thought I'd not use it because well...computers and color! But I hit Windows+End and WOW amazing! I can read my screen very easily, and the bluelight is still filtered as I like it. I love this new tool. Thank you for introducing it. I've recently been diagnosed with macular degeneration. So I'm trying what I can to make my screens more readable and less hard on my eyes. Greyscale is a fantastic ease on them.

    I have been using f.lux for years, since I first found out about it. At first, I used to just like seeing the screen colors change at sunset and having it be easier on my eyes in evening. Then I realized I like having the blue light filtered out. I started warming the colors on my phone (using Dark Light and Night Shift but I wish f.lux was on Android) and tv (manually) as well. My tv needs f.lux :D

    I'm so pleased with the continued updates and improvements of this application. What first was a nice tool on my computer to help me use the computer nicely in the evening has become something that helps the health of my eyes. I love the hotkey for greyscale. Now I want to see if I can set my phone filters to do greyscale too for my phone!

  • It's great isn't it? Unfortunatly I'm on a not so powerful pc at work and running windows 7.
    Because aero is then needed the pc (well graphics drive) becomes very slow.

    For your phone you can use Twilight. It's free and I just toggle it on/off when I want the blue out.

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