Seizure mode

  • This one is a pretty important bug. It's if i go to darkroom mode its good for about 2 seconds then 1. Starts giving me a seizure(nothing to much of one but still unworkable with it) and just a bunch of visual glitches(from what I've seen as i'm not testing that any further) so hopefully this gets fixed(also what is its use? Is it just a cooler looking version of the red lighting?)

    also if this helps i'm using a windows 10 and i only had the warmth mode on when i went to darkroom mode

  • What do you mean it gives you a seizure with a bunch of visual glitches? Do you mean that the screens starts flashing between different colour settings when you enable the setting?

    The Darkroom option is working properly for me. Do you have Windows Night Light enabled?

  • oh ya i should also point out while im talking about this, For some reason my warmth keeps turning on and off within 2-4 seconds (there is no fade to off or on just instantly changed) it seems to happen when my computer turns off accidentally and then when i turn it on agian this happens(I have tried to turn flux off and then on but only works after its been off for around 5-10 minutes) and on rare occasions it just happens at random(this ain't related to dark room mode just during good ol' regular mode)

  • @engmia yes exactly that(but only red and then back to normal), as for night light no i don't have that on

  • That is certainly weird, especially the behaviour your are experiencing with the transition times. This issue is usually caused by having Night Light enabled. Could you please go in the Windows settings (Settings -> System -> Display) and make sure that "Night Light" is completely set to off.


  • @engmia I tried turning it on and then off and now its working but still gives me something i can't really tell what it is (still visual glitching but too fast to tell what it is) although it does stop after about a second or two and then works for about 3ish minutes(still some glitches but works) but it seems to just turn itself off after a while(although sometimes it seems to be permanent) it also seems to just not work when there are major changes to the screen as in it just freezes so i have to alt + end. Tbh i have no idea why its like this just random educated guesses0_1541520275677_2018-11-06.png

  • I am not experiencing this. There are two things I can recommend:

    1. Try updating your graphic card drivers
    2. Go into options and select Very Fast: Gaming for transitions. This should give you the minimum transition time, so if you're having issues with transitions it should now just last a second or two and not a few minutes.

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