New Greyscale overrides settings,

  • My f.lux just updated and everything went grey and washed out. Tabbed out to find the popup telling me that grayscale is now available. I went in and tried to check then uncheck the greyscale option but that didn't fix everything being grey and washed out. I always run the color scale on the far left and it's still there so I think someone might be bugged now. I moved it around to see if you had just added to the bar but nothing fit.
    I'm going to have to find a previous version and disable updates if this isn't a bug.

  • Are you talking about when the lower the color you put, the more washed out the color is? If so, I have been getting this same problem ever since this new Greyscale update came out, and it's starting to get annoying... I have noticed that darkroom mode is also somewhat glitched out during this state

  • Same thing here, colors are being washed out at night since the latest update. Is it supposed to be normal behavior?

  • f.lux team

    We made a change below 1900K to improve intensity perception - I guess we have a few more changes to make.

    If you were looking at a picture with lots of colors in it (say a rainbow or the Chrome logo), you wouldn't want to lose all the color information that happens to be "blue" or "green" - this is trying to help that by moving some of that information to contrast instead.

    We have a better version that we can try in the next version also.

  • Personally, I think a setting like that is better off as a separate mode like greyscale rather than default. I'd rather be able to appreciate what little intensity remains for other colors at low k values than make everything a washed out almost grey for the sake of contrast.