Suggestion: rebindable hotkeys or selection of which to use

  • Hi and thanks for this great little program,

    As of the latest version 4.84 with the grayscale hotkey introduction I've come across a conflict with an existing global hotkey I've used for years on my PC (Win+End for play/pause toggle of my media player). While I find all other hotkeys useful, I doubt I would be using grayscale enough to warrant changing my setup. Would it be possible to either have all hotkeys rebindable or at least a selection of which hotkeys are active?

    Thanks for your time!

  • I would also like to assign shortcuts as my laptop doesn't have an 'end' key.

  • Upvote. My TypeMatrix keyboard has the numpad integrated into the regular key block via [Fn]/[NmLck]. I frequently use [ALT]+NumCode to type special characters (which are not available, even on a US-intl layout with a ton of dead-keys ;) ) but f.lux somehow doesn't differentiate between [PgUp]/[PgDown] and the integrated numpad, when activated, which overlaps with those same keys.

    And thanks for the useful app. :)

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