Why is there a limit on the amount of redness that f.lux can produce?

  • I don't want to use my computer at all after 11 o'clock but sometimes will power is an issue. It would be great if f.lux could be tunned in a way that results in the screen being much redder at 11 o'clock and there being zero blue light at 11'o clock.

  • There is. Press Alt+Shift+Page Down until you get to 800K, which is 100% pure red. Or, if you would prefer to use your mouse, go into the f.lux options and enable the wider slider range (and this is where you can see the keyboard shortcut mentioned that I'm showing you here). Unfortunately, the wider slider range only lets you choose 1200K as the reddest color temperature. So, if you wanted to go redder than 1200K, you'd still have to use the keyboard shortcut.

    There is no way to schedule it for exactly 11pm, but you can set your Bedtime for 800K and then set your wake time for 8am.

  • What's the difference between red and amber? Does red cut the blue light even more? If so I will use it.

    I'm always maxed at 1900K candle. The red looks pretty HAL-ish lol. People always stare at my computer lol

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