Location Issue

  • Hello. I live in Worcester, United Kingdom. Whenever I try to add the following locations:

    • Worcester
    • Worcester United Kingdom
    • Worcester, United Kingdom
    • WR1
    • WR1 1AA

    none works. It always comes up as Worcester from USA.

    So my question is pretty obvious, what is happening and how can I add my own city? Thank you.

  • Am I the only one on this planet with this issue?!

  • f.lux team

    We are sorting results by population - for now can you use "City of Worcester"?

    We stopped using Google Maps with their 15x price increase so we aren't as good as we used to be with figuring out "which" name is meant when someone types a query.

  • +1 here.
    Even I'm facing the issue from my location
    also tested with locations nearby and can see the issue resurfacing