No ability to adjust brightness for Hue?

  • So badly want to use f.lux to manage hue lights in my house but there is no ability to adjust brightness??? Makes the entire feature useless for me. Please add the ability to adjust the brightness or at least over ride it and have it only control color temp. So badly want this but loosing all control of brightness is just crazy...

  • f.lux team

    We have some controls for it but the UI is hidden - it works with lights but not yet done for screens.

    If you can use regedit, you can adjust these keys - they are linear brightness, 0-1000 (but f.lux won't really allow 0).

    Here are some I was using recently:

    HKCU/Software/Michael Herf/flux/

    daybri = REG_DWORD (1000)
    nightbri = REG_DWORD (300)
    latebri = REG_DWORD (200)