f.lux persistent cookie?

  • Great useful program. Thank you, I have donated.

    What concerns me is that I keep seeing justgetflux.com cookie even after clearing the cookie history. All cookies except the flux cookie are erased.

    What is up with your cookie?

  • We set a 365d cookie on the website so we can see how many unique users there are, but it should of course go away when you clear your browser cache.

    We use that cookie (nginx userid) and Google Analytics on our website - no supercookies or anything.

  • The thing is I never ever visit your website. The related cookie you are speaking of I think is called forum.justgetflux.com (express.sid io uid local storage). The one of my concern is justgetflux.com (uid)

    It is possible to manually remove it but it always comes back automatically.

  • Any visit to our site in your browser will set that cookie - removing it once doesn't block it forever.

    For privacy, we try not to set any cookies for any in-app usage, like automatic updates or maps.

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