LIFX in f.lux? How do I set it up?

  • So I see there is a checkbox to use LIFX lights but how do I link the lights to software? I can't find any documentation on this. Please help. My bulbs are already functioning on my network. Win10 64bit, running newest f.lux v4.76.

  • f.lux team

    We are using broadcast for now, so it should talk to all the bulbs on the LAN. Love to know if it works for your setup, and if not, which version of the bulbs you have. We used the latest BR30 bulb to test.

    Discovery of the bulbs (and support of some of the oldest ones) is a complicated protocol, so we wanted to get the basic version done first.

  • Mine are working perfectly, but I do have some requests! I made my requests at the end of this post.

    I have two brand-new LIFX A19 lights that I bought from Amazon (shipped and sold by Amazon). They're my first smart lights.

    I didn't have to do anything to make them work with f.lux. So, it was a complete surprise. I've had my lights since Saturday, but I didn't know f.lux could control my lights until today. All I wanted to do was to make them work with the LIFX iOS app and with Apple HomeKit for Siri voice control. In fact, if it weren't for today's beta release of f.lux, I wouldn't have discovered that f.lux can control my lights because I always go through all of f.lux's options when a new version is released.

    My setup is, Windows 7 directly connected to the network via an Ethernet cable (that is, I'm not on Wi-Fi - my computer is connected directly). I have the Xfinity-supplied Cisco DPC3939 XB3 cable modem/router/digital phone modem all-in-one gateway device. To make f.lux control my lights, all I had to do was go into the options and enable the option for it.

    Here are my requests:

    • Try to find a way to make it possible for f.lux to set the LIFX lights to color temperatures warmer than 2500K. This might not be possible because that's the limit of the LIFX iOS app (its range in the app is 2500K - 9000K, so I assume the lights don't understand anything outside that range), but I think it can be done if you somehow make f.lux switch over to controlling the hue of the lights rather than the color temperature in order to simulate the selected color temperature. For a very quick example of what I mean, an f.lux setting of 800K would just result in setting the LIFX lights to red.
    • Make the lights go to 6500K when f.lux is disabled.
    • Make the lights dim when using the Alt+Page Down keyboard shortcut
    • Set the lights to red when switching to Darkroom Mode.
    • Try to make the LIFX lights match the current color effect. Specifically, Soft White, Blue Sky, Macular Pigment, Emerald City, Civil Twilight.
    • Try to make the lights go to 6500K upon exiting f.lux completely. I know the vast majority of your users don't exit f.lux completely for any length of time like I do, but still.
    • While clicking and dragging the color slider, try to get f.lux to change the color in real time instead of only sending the color temperature when releasing the slider.
    • When pressing and holding Alt+Shift+Page Up or Alt+Shift+Page Down, make the LIFX lights change their color temperature in real time instead of only sending the color temperature when releasing the keys.