Custom setting?

  • I mostly just set a color and leave it: either 1200 or 1900, but I'd love to use something in between. 1200 is too red to see colors well, and 1900 isn't red enough for my sore eyes.
    I don't see any option for something around 1500. The sliders won't drop that far, and the change current color only has the settings I mentioned.
    Am I just out of luck?
    Could the devs slap a couple more current color(s) in the middle into that list. 1400 and 1600 or something. Would be mighty nice. ;)

  • Use the keyboard shortcuts that are shown in the f.lux settings.

  • Ah so, didn't see those, nice, thank you! The steps are still a bit large. Hey devs, how about a finer gradation. :)

  • I agree. I have been asking for smaller increments since these keyboard shortcuts were introduced, and to be quite honest, I don't understand why 150K is the increment - and I never have. It should be 100K or even 50K, and my reason for having this opinion on the matter has nothing to do with any visual differences in color temperature.

    Sure, increments of 150K are already extremely small and plenty small enough visually-speaking, but this increment makes absolutely no sense because I cannot get back to exactly 6500K from 800K using just the keyboard shortcut. Getting back to 6500K from 800K is rather clunky and slow because I have to grab my mouse, open the f.lux interface, aim my mouse cursor at the slider, and then click and drag to 6500K - instead of just simply pressing and holding the keyboard shortcut to increase the color temperature. From a design perspective, this makes absolutely no sense. Since you can go from 6500K to 800K using just a keyboard shortcut, it should also be possible to get back to 6500K with a keyboard shortcut. After all, that's what's expected. It's not elegant in the least bit.

    When this keyboard shortcut was introduced, I fully expected to be able to get back to 6500K by just pressing and holding the keyboard shortcut to increase the color temperature, but what happened instead was I went flying past 6500K well into the 10,000s'. That was quite annoying and it's a separate issue that I can discuss later, but I figured all I had to do was use the keyboard shortcut to decrease the color temperature to get back down and then just stop at 6500K. That's when I discovered I could only choose 6550K and 6300K but not 6500K. I thought it was because I flew up past 6500K, so I went back down to 800K and then back up only to find the same problem. So then I increased the color temperature all the way up to 100,000K and then brought it back down to see what would happen. Sure enough, now I could choose 6500K - until I brought it down to 800K again and tried to go back up.

    That's when I discovered the culprit of this problem is the 150K increment. If it were 100K or even 50K - or even 200K - then this problem would be completely solved. So again, I will forever argue and complain that it makes absolutely no sense for the increment to be at 150K. Sure, it can be firmly argued that there's almost no discernible visual difference between 6500K and 6550K and so therefore it's not worth devoting any development time whatsoever to changing the increment, but that's not the point. It can also be firmly argued that almost no one ever uses 800K and so the vast majority will never experience this problem, but again, that's not the point. Furthermore, with how simple of a solution this is to this problem, it makes no sense to continue refusing to do it.

  • Did you turn on "wider slider ranges" in the options menu?
    Then, the slider should allow 50K increments down to 1200K, no need for hotkeys.

  • @herf said in Custom setting?:

    Did you turn on "wider slider ranges" in the options menu?
    Then, the slider should allow 50K increments down to 1200K, no need for hotkeys.

    Yeah, then you can't easily slide back to 6500K because it doesn't stop there. It just keeps going, which means getting it back to 6500K is still clunky and not as easy as it should be. If this weren't the case, then I'd be using the wider slider range. So no, that's not the solution. I want a solution that enables using the keyboard shortcut to easily go between 800K and 6500K without having to grab the mouse. Requiring the mouse defeats the purpose of keyboard shortcuts.

    The solution is, just change the default increment from 150K to 50 or 100K, or even 200K. Please?

    Edit: Whoa, hang on. You're wrong. Using the wider slider range doesn't change the keyboard shortcut increment to 50K. It stays at 150K. Even if it DID change to 50K, it still wouldn't be a good solution because then if you want to slide back to 6500K using the mouse, you have to be careful! That means it becomes annoying and less user-friendly.

  • @twocables He's right, it's still doing 150 at a time. Devs, this involves changing one number in your code. Is that so hard?

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