Flux problem with Windows 10

  • Hi!
    Hope that you can help me!
    Every time, when clock is 21.00, then the flux makes party for me, it is flickering like strobo. Strobo: white (6500K), normal (1900K), white 6500K, normal 1900K. The party stop after 2 minutes.

    I have used flux before, but in my new computer it is not working good when clock gets 21.00, when clock is 21.02 the flux is again normal.
    When the stobo "mode" is on the flux is not showing light changes, it shows 1900K, but screen is flickering. Bright, dark, bright, dark....
    What will be the solution? Why this is happening?
    Can I give addtional information (program logs), can not find where are the information (error logs or whatever program information) for developers....
    Hope you understand me.

  • Flux is good program, but not in my new (second) computer.

    Microsoft Windows version 1803 OS 17134.285

    Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro N 64-bit
    Intel Core i5 7600 @ 3.50GHz 41 °C
    Kaby Lake 14nm Technology
    8,00GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1066MHz (14-14-14-35)
    ASRock H110M-DGS R3.0 (CPUSocket) 31 °C
    LG IPS FULLHD (1920x1080@60Hz)
    2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (MSI) 30 °C
    931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-22MFCA0 (SATA ) 32 °C
    223GB PNY CS1311 240GB SSD (SATA (SSD)) 30 °C
    Optical Drives
    No optical disk drives detected
    NVIDIA High Definition Audio

  • My earliest wake up time is 6.00 and problem were in Turku. Now I am in Estonia with the same computer, but I do not know yet if the problem persists.
    Now I finded windows settings, there were screen night light (no blue color, yellower colors) mode ON, I turned it off, it was the solution?

  • Yes it conflicts with that - you can also download 4.78 and it will usually help you turn it off.

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