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  • Hi!
    Today talking with my phd suppervisor, he wanted to visualise what a word document would look like on black and white, greyscale, without having to print it. I realised it was a quite useful feature that f.lux must have. Is it possible to add a so called "greyscale" filter in addition to darkroom and the others?
    It would be very useful!

  • Yes this is in the next build.

  • AWESOME! Thanks.

  • @herf
    This sounds great!

    Since I have a similar wish, I reply here:
    I was already looking for other tools, which can help me turning my mainly white MS Outlook window into a dark one. And I found NegativeScreen (, but it is not working well together with f.lux, which I'm already using.

    I'm a developer and I'm using a dark screen design whenever possible. Even though MS provides different designs for Outlook, all are light ones.
    I would be very happy, when f.lux provides a "dark mode" turning a bright (black on white) screen into a dark (white on black) screen.
    If this could be set up for a specific app (set of apps?), when this would be most helpful, sparing the manual switching.

    NegativeScreen is providing different modes, which really resulted in nice colors on the screen when switching to the "negative". I'd like f.lux to provide something similar.
    Thus I would like to encourage f.lux to provide a mode suitable for the purpose of "reading light letters on a dark background". This can be gray scale or reversed colors or some intelligent color mapping helping to reduce the eye strain while reading.

    If additional ideas or help with the algorithm of the color mapping, I might be able and would be glad to help.
    Best regards,

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