Unistalled f.lux Mid Game because of this BUG

  • So I just installed f.lux a few days ago and I have this problem with it that is so distracting and annoying that I literally uninstalled f.lux mid match since clicking Disable did nothing at all. So here is the problem sometime around about 8pm CT I guess it decides to change colors for night time or whatever but instead of doing a nice smooth transition is blinks between the 2 color pallets and the blinking gets faster and faster and faster until it finely decides to stick with one it has done it everyday since I downloaded it and cant find anyway to fix it hence the mid game uninstall. I am legally blind and try to do everything possible to keep my one eye in good health and when its not doing its weird blinky thing the software works great and I can tell a difference in eye strain so Id like to keep using it but I will not re download until I can get a fix for it.

  • This problem is caused by using f.lux and Microsoft Night Light simultaneously. All you have to do is disable Night Light.

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