Updated, and now whenver screen is powered back on, get flash of normal color before f.lux kicks in

  • I updated f.lux, or at least I think this started right after I updated it - anyhow, I typically leave my computer on but have the screen turn itself off if unused for several minutes. Now whenever the screen comes back on, however, it takes f.lux a second or two to kick in, so I get the very bright screen first briefly. It's very irritating and rather ruins the whole purpose of f.lux... and it never used to do that.

    Is there some way to fix this, or would the only way be to go back to the older version?

    I'm using windows 10 on a laptop with f.lux.

  • There were some pretty big problems with the Fall Creators update, so we did a workaround that has this problem. I hope to be able to fix it with the next Windows release.

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