What light is used in the fluxometer software page picture?

  • I see the graph has a full spectrum and a spike in the blue region. If this is an led source I'd like to know where to buy it.

  • Actual daylight plus some 5000K LED. :)

  • @herf that led or leds still have a blue spike. SORAA is cool as they can start with violet light and get more blue range and they do great with all the other colors so far.

  • @herf Isee you're very involved with the forum--I can't help much with mac questions, but when you get a chance, I'd like to know the best 5500-6500K cfl (26w size or less) and T5 preferably as I have fixtures, or T8 bulbs with a color spectrum similar to Philips tl950 but with more blue light too.

    I've seen online the Kino Flo tubes--can't use a single one of them as none use standard T5 base with 4ft (that combination). The CFL bulbs seem to drop down the blue too much and will probably have a strange color tint of minty blue green. Are you aware of higher quality CFL bulbs?

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