Is f.lux on while gaming fullscreen?

  • Question 1. I would like to know if f.lux is on when you are gaming fullscreen.
    Question 2. If f.lux is on when gaming fullscreen does f.lux then change something in-game like how things look (not color) maybe i don't know hitboxes and models and props?

  • It will only work in borderless windowed mode and windowed mode, and f.lux just changes the overall color temperature. It doesn't have any fancy/complex code that makes it affect just certain things (that would be exceptionally difficult for the developer to accomplish).

    Some games will be affected by f.lux in full-screen mode, but I think those games use borderless windowed mode and just call it "full screen". For example, any game made in the Unity game engine uses borderless windowed mode by default as the full screen option. For these games, f.lux will work.

    I think too if a game is in true full screen mode but f.lux is working anyway, then I believe it's also dependent upon the version of DirectX the game is using, but that's as much as I know about it.

    So, no, f.lux doesn't have any special code that makes it detect when a game is running. It just applies the color temperature to Windows, which is why f.lux should always work for games running in borderless windowed mode and windowed mode.

  • f.lux works in the full screen mode as well as in borderless window mode. I'd appreciate if you take the time to look into it and if possible make it so that f.lux will be able to have effect on the screen color also in fullscreen mode.

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