IMO this is the worst piece of software ever written

  • So I'm not sure how to say this without being rude,
    and I definitely appreciate all your time and work you put in this,
    but the UI and functionality decisions of this software have build so much rage in me, that I need an outlet.
    Here is what seriously bothers me:
    I get you were going for a simple, intuitive design, but the complete lack of customizability of this software is horrifying.
    For one, the only way of modifying your sleep time is by putting in location information. It would be so much easier to you know... just put in the time...
    Then, the time chart is completely unlabeled and not even fixed in time. I have no Idea at what time I'm supposed to go to bed and for what time I should set my alarm. What is the big idea here, not just putting the time on the graph? Did you not learn the clock yet? Is this software made for toddlers scared of numbers?
    I mean this is literally the simplest task you could possibly think of. Make it red from time X to time Y it's unbelievable how badly you could f*ck such a simple thing up. All you needed to do is add two number inputs. Instead you get the input from location so people that want to customize that have to look through time zone charts to find the one they need.
    You know every body is different and some people need different sleep cycles then others. There are lots of alternative sleep cycles concerning bed time, sleep length and frequency, and when it works for someone, who are you to deny them that option? Especially considering how essential a red filter is for some of these thing.

    I get you want give people the ideal settings automatically, but you see, there are a lot more special cases than you might think and your just making it impossible to do the simplest things with your "super intuitive" approach. You know you can have easy, intuitive design AND allow for customization right? Would it really kill you to just put the simple options of wake-time and bed-time in the settings? I mean I'd even be happy if I could edit some settings file somewhere, but you have nothing but the few useless settings in the menu...

    I swear the only reason I'm using this software is because you are the only ones with DisplayLink support. The only way I can deal with this horror is by making my own timing via a script and starting and killing f.lux according to that. Yes, that's how much this software sucks...

    I am deeply sorry for all this hate, but the rage was eating me from the inside. I hope you can nonetheless consider these issues and hopefully create a solution that works for all of us.
    Please know that this hate is not directed to you as a person, but to the design patterns used in this software.

    After writing this down I feel a lot better already and I hope I haven't worsened your day too much.
    With love,

  • I concur this. When I first started using f.lux, I searched maniacally for a way to manually adjust when the transition starts and for how long to graduate it. I wouldn't call this the worst application ever made. I have found f.lux to be of great use for me at night; however I agree that it bears pointing out that simple features should be granted to the users experience with customizability.

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