Disable for Fullscreen not instant anymore

  • Up until recently, the Disable for Fullscreen option activated and deactivated instantly - but now there is a disturbing delay when switching to and from from fullscreen windows.
    As it seems, it now defaults to general 'transition time' setting, which makes no sense.

    Is this a bug in latest version or intentional change? In case the latter - please consider adding the separate setting for fullscreen transitions, including the instant option, like it was before.
    Right now, with normal transition set to Slow, switching back from fullscreen is real torture for the eyes :(

  • This was a highly requested change. Lots of people complained about the instant transition and asked for it to be more gradual as you are seeing it now. The reason being is, switching back and forth became very irritating when the purpose of switching away from the full screen window was to just look at something briefly before going back to the full screen window.

    Imagine being in a full screen window and you have something that you want to switch over to every so often, but only for a few seconds at a time. With an instant transition, that's very jarring and can become extremely irritating. With this much smoother transition, that's no longer a problem.

    For the record, I don't use this feature. I'm just passing along what I have seen here on this forum because I am here every single day and I never miss any posts.

  • Well.. The way I see it, it's exactly the opposite. If you are in full screen at night (f.lux is disabled) and then switch to desktop - it's much worse, to stare the horrid blue light until it gradually goes back to night setting again.
    Anyway, I guess I'll have to get used to the Disable F.lux shortcut now for my full-screen needs, unless they introduce back the instant option...

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