Flux diming the light OR reducing brightness in and out

  • Hi,

    Newest flux is doing this on my Windows 10. I'm pretty sure it is flux because it happens only when flux is on and I've turned off adaptive brightness in my NVIDIA options, INTEL options and Windows energy settings.

    The way it happens is that it shifts slowly, over 10-15 seconds or so, into a darker mode like if I reduced the laptop backlight by 50% (I have it on 100%), then shifts back again to 100% over the same period of time. I'm not sure what to do and why this happens. This didn't happen to me back when I was using the old version; however using the old settings menu in new version doesn't work anymore.


    Edit: now I regret turning on flux,because apparently now even after turning it off the shifting in and out problem persists :(

  • This is usually Intel's DSPT ("Display power saving technology") and it's a video driver update, not f.lux that's doing it.

    DSPT is getting harder to disable, but look for the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, and some reddit posts have registry hacks to turn it off too.

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