Increasing the amount of red at night time

  • I think it would be great to be able to set f.lux to make the screen even more red at night then it currently does. I think this would be a good way to motivate myself to actually shut the computer off at night. It seems to me that the current default setting already maximizes the amount of red that f.lux can provide at bedtime mode. Why is that the max?

  • You can increase the slider range so that you can set it to automatically get as red as 1200K. To do this, enable Options and Smart Lighting > "Use wider slider ranges (1200K - 9300K)".

    Even so, 1900K is more than good enough (that is, it lacks enough blue light) for the purposes of avoiding any interference with melatonin production and your circadian rhythm. 1900K also retains enough color accuracy so that you can still see everything on your monitor, particularly oranges and reds. At 1200K, oranges and reds become much harder to see even though they are still visible. That's why the default range can only go as warm as 1900K.

    So, if you want to use a warmer color temperature like 1200K, be aware that you could have a hard time seeing certain things.There's a recent complaint on this forum that the red underlining for spell-check becomes nearly impossible to see at these warmer color temperatures, but of course there's nothing that can be done about that outside of just using a slightly higher color temperature, such as 1900K. The person complaining is blaming f.lux instead of blaming their preference of using too red of a color temperature. They think that some special trick can be implemented that makes f.lux control the color of the red underlining, but that's not possible. The color is in the control of the program they are typing in, whether that's a web browser or a word processing program like Microsoft Word.

    Finally, if you want to maximize the benefit of ultra-warm color temperatures like 1900K and warmer, then turn down your monitor's brightness to something very low. While it's great to eliminate your exposure to blue light, the brightness of the light is almost as important as the amount of blue light in it.

    So yeah, the default limit of 1900K - 6500K is for the sake of color accuracy while still being more than good enough for the purposes of using f.lux to make it "safe" to use your computer at night with absolutely minimal impact, if any, on your melatonin production and circadian rhythm.

  • I was going to say that I agree with christian but instead I do think twocables is absolutely correct. 1900K is more than enough if you really think about it.

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