[v4.75] Flux full screen no longer defaults back to native colour/contrast ?

  • When I first installed flux it seems to have of applied a overlay to my main monitor which bumps up the contrast however whenever I went fullscreen in any program, the colour/contrast would always revert back to before it applied the overlay (Disabling flux), however when flux auto updated to v4.75 today it no longer does this and has gotten very annoying to deal with.

    I verified by uninstalling flux and restarting, my monitor was back to it's normal contrast being slightly darker full time (where there fullscreen or not)

    If possible I would really like an older v4 build of flux however I'm not sure what build I was on before, if someone could provide me with a copy it would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: Forgot to note I am on Windows 10 Pro v1709 and my last update was: KB4093112 (April 2018 Update)

  • Ah, I downgraded to v4.55 of flux and it seems to be working as I expect, maybe this could be fixed in a newer build of flux?

  • f.lux is loading your monitor profile - you can see what it is in the "color management" control panel.

    4.55 had a bug that didn't do this in fullscreen, but the right fix is to use a profile you actually like (not just for us to fail to load it sometimes like we were doing before).

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