[v4.75 on Win 7] Blinking bug

  • Hello,

    Today I experienced my first bug with f.lux. It happened right after the latest update was pushed.

    About 30 seconds after I changed the "current color" setting from "candle" to "dim incandescent", the screen started to blink - seemingly between the daylight setting and a slightly warmer one.

    Then I got a pop-up titled "Note" which read :
    Average: 85.7 FPS. Worst=43.5 FPS. Missed 60Hz: 0%, Missed 30hz: 0%

    Technical info about my system :

    OS : Win 7
    F.lux version : 4.75
    Video driver : Intel HD Graphics

  • This is our performance test (from the options menu). Is there any way it could have been triggered? Usually it does not run on its own......

  • I'm not sure how this could have popped up, as I don't recall clicking anywhere else or performing a keyboard combination.

    Also, I haven't experienced this bug again as of now.

  • Oh it looks like I left a hotkey in there: "t" will do it. Will probably take it out. :)

  • Glad you spotted the potential culprit ! Thanks for your careful work ;)

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