Keyboard shortcut conflicts

  • Hi,

    I was just working in intelliJ and when I tried to use one of the in built shortcuts (Ctrl + Shift + F10) to bring up the run dialog, f.lux turned my screen an unpleasant red. I struggled around a bit before figuring out that this red mode was the Darkroom mode.

    As neat as the effect is, I will pretty much NEVER ever need it. I certainly don't need a shortcut for it or any of the other modes. However, I've spent the last 30 minutes fighting with f.lux to understand how the shortcuts work. Outside of the three basic shortcut sets (disable, brightness, and color) I can't find ANY indication within the app what the other shortcuts might be or any way to change them. I can't even DISABLE the shortcuts without disabling ALL OF THEM. WHY!?

    Why are the shortcuts not MODIFIABLE!? Why can't the shortcuts be disabled INDIVIDUALLY!? Why in the hell aren't these shortcuts communicated to the user AT ALL? There's literally no way to know when you're going to run into one of them without dumbly stumbling into it, and even then you have zero ability to do anything to fix the problem.

    And no, changing the shortcut within IntelliJ is NOT an adequate solution. I use this application every single day. To change my workflow within it would be a massive hit to my productivity and would frankly be stupid for me to do.

    F.lux is a pretty brilliant app and I've used it for years, but this is just abysmal UX design. I've never had such a frustrating experience trying to grok the menus of any application in my life. To implement keyboard shortcuts and not even tell the user what they are, let alone afford them some way to change them, is frankly appalling.

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