Something wrong with night mode and turning dark

  • I am a freelance / recreational writer and i love F.lux, i've been using F.lux for past few years and i have come across something very strange recently. My computer crashed and i had to reinstall windows all over again. So after the re-installation i have installed F.LUX back again. The latest version which is V4.

    Problem is it doesn't work according to my clock. It doesn't get dark and yellowish mode until it is very late in the night. It doesn't work properly at all and then i added the location etc and still didn't work. So i uninstalled and reinstalled the older version which works nicely. After installing old version i reinstalled the newer V4 and it works like a charm. What's wrong...? i thin V4 needs the settings of older version to run properly on my computer in my location.

  • I wonder if the location wasn't actually set in the first install? There should not be much difference after upgrading.

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