Flickering between dimmed and full color everyday around sunset.

  • For about a month F.lux has been flickering like crazy every single day, at around the same time. It's always around sunset, and it seems like the program doesn't know if it should be full color or dimmed, so it just flickers between the two. I really enjoy using F.lux, but this is honestly driving me crazy.
    Because disabling for an hour doesn't work. If it starts flickering there is literally nothing i can do but like maybe 5 minutes for it to stop, or uninstall and reinstall the whole thing.

    So i really hope a fix can be found, id love to be able to keep using this program.

    Also i am on the latest version of f.lux are far as i know, i'm using version 4.74.

  • Turn off Microsoft Night Light.

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