Disable... also when focus is lost

  • Hi guys,
    Thanks for an amazing app. I'm using it daily during my work and home time.
    Usually, when I wanted to watch a movie I just set 'Disable for an hour'.
    Lately, I found out, after some update, that there's an option to Disable when using MP-HC.
    I said to myself - what a fantastic idea - and wanted to try it out.
    And then I found out that whenever focus from MP-HC is lost, the f.lux is being disabled despite the fact the movie is still going.
    I believe you cannot know if the movie is going or not so you disable it on focus lost when you think user has stopped the movie.
    I use two screens so I can easily watch a movie on the first one and do some other stuff on the other, so I would be glad if I could have the f.lux enabled while the focus is lost from MP-HC.
    Thanks :)