Disable... also when focus is lost

  • Hi guys,
    Thanks for an amazing app. I'm using it daily during my work and home time.
    Usually, when I wanted to watch a movie I just set 'Disable for an hour'.
    Lately, I found out, after some update, that there's an option to Disable when using MP-HC.
    I said to myself - what a fantastic idea - and wanted to try it out.
    And then I found out that whenever focus from MP-HC is lost, the f.lux is being disabled despite the fact the movie is still going.
    I believe you cannot know if the movie is going or not so you disable it on focus lost when you think user has stopped the movie.
    I use two screens so I can easily watch a movie on the first one and do some other stuff on the other, so I would be glad if I could have the f.lux enabled while the focus is lost from MP-HC.
    Thanks :)

  • Same here, got a rather large screen, usually watch TV series in windowed mode and doing other stuff at the same time, so the changes are very annoying whenever the videoplayer is in focus or not.

    An optional "disable even if app isn't focused" would be great.

    Its also very annoying when switching to another app to maybe copy a needed file.

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