Uninstalled F.lux and how I get a pop-up when I turn on my computer telling me to reinstall

  • I got F.lux maybe a year ago and about a month ago I uninstalled it because I no longer had a need for it. I uninstalled the app and deleted all files with the word f.lux in it from my drive. Now, whenever I turn on my computer I get a pop-up notification that says, "F.lux has encountered an error and should be reinstalled". I have tried reinstalling! then uninstall the app and it didn't help. Any suggestions how to get rid of it?

  • When this pops up, don't click okay. Leave the window up for now.

    -Open Task Manager (CTR+ALT+DEL).

    • Under Processes, Right click on F.lux and chose "open file location".

    • Once the folder is up, now you know where the files are.

    -Go back to Processes, right click on F'lux again and choses "end task"

    -Go back the folder that has the .exe and delete everything in that folder.

    • shorter fix, go to User/AppData/Local/FluxSoftware/Flux and delete all files in the folder. Again, you may have to kill the process first in Task Manager. Hope this helps.

  • Our older installer (about 6 months ago) had a case where it wouldn't uninstall entirely, but we have fixed it in the newer versions.

    So if you want to uninstall completely the easiest thing to do is download a current version and immediately uninstall it. (Easier than step-by-step instructions.)

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