Alt + F11 blocks Excel VBA

  • Since the last version that introduces Alt + F11 and Alt + F12 to show Flux, I cannot access Excel VBA code directly.
    This is not acceptable for me as I do lots of Excel developments.

    I made the big mistake of ticking auto-update !
    How can I find a previous version of Flux ?

  • Sorry! I did this because I got a MSFT Surface, and they overlap these keys with pgup and pgdn, so I tried to make it work with the "function lock" down.

    I will make an option to disable it, but for now you could also turn off all hotkeys in the Options menu, if that could work?

  • Thank you for the suggestion, disabling hotkeys. That works fine.

  • ...and thanks a lot for this very very nice program that helps preserve my old eyes !

  • Thanks for the Tip disabling the Hotkeys!

    I never saw that option :/.

    The new Hotkeys on the Funktion keys are a problem for me, too.
    You could make an option to use either the Alt+End or The Alt+Funktion Keys shortcuts!

    And thanks for f.lux!!!


  • @herf Hello, thanks for great app. The problem with undeclared hotkeys Alt + F__ bothers me too. I've got version win 4.75 f.lux and I can't find an option to disable all hotkeys. All I have is "Use these hotkeys to control f.lux" checkbox. But even after I disable it, f.lux still intercepts these hotkeys and thus hinders my work

  • @herf I'm having the exact same issue. How to disable this??? The checkbox for disabling hotkeys does not work. It's still constantly intercepting alt + f12 which in Visual Studio is Peak Definition, something I use constantly.

  • I have same problem. I need Alt-F10 for another program. I cannot disable that function key in f.lux.

  • For those having trouble disabling: For me it was only after the 3rd or 4th exit and restart of flux that it stopped intercepting Alt+F11 & Alt+F12, while the named hotkeys were disabled immediately.

  • Hi There,
    I just discovered why Alt+F11 has stopped working! Thanks for raising this issue. Perhaps just giving users the option to set their preferred shortcut would be easiest?

  • @drek-meek Actually it appears that may be the case for me as well. 5 days later and it seems it has randomly decided to stop intercepting shortcut keys finally. The nightmare of choose between F.Lux and Visual Studio is over but I really feel like no developer should be rolling out hot keys without a method of user customization, there's just too many different possible programs that all can use hotkeys and every user will rely on a handful of different ones.

  • Okay we are pushing 4.76 to disable these keys (by default) unless you turn them on.

  • @herf Thank you very much. I'm very happy, that I can continue to use this great app!

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