Mountains and sunset time [suggestion]

  • Looking up whether it's possible to specify/adjust the sunset time, apparently there are many people who would like to have that option. But maybe for different reasons, as I haven't seen any mention of the fact that mountains exist.

    My concern is to have f.lux automatically adjust to the natural lighting, which it doesn't quite do when it assumes sea level with no mountains. The longer the day is, the more off it is. I'm not expecting f.lux to know the topography, but in the middle of summer where I'm at, the Sun sets 3 hours before it would if the location was flat. While it doesn't go dark outside as soon as the Sun goes behind the mountains, it does get a lot less bright, and full brightness on the screen is too much.

    Some way of specifying an earlier sunset and later sunrise than latitude and longitude alone implies would be nice.

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