Flux stops working sometimes

  • I frequently end up staying up late at night, and use Flux to keep the screen from burning my eyes. However if I take my hands off my computer for a few minutes, to look through notes or anything, it suddenly stops working and goes back to being blindingly bright. This only started happening in the last few days.

    This is also ontop of how every single time I shut off my computer, after restarting FLux claims it is in the limited color mode, and needs another restart ontop of what I just did in order to activate it.

  • This is due to the recent Windows update. We are testing a workaround (which reduces the impact):

  • I just got beta 4.71 yesterday and I had a weird issue first time with Flux.
    I have it set so during full-screen games it is disabled.
    So last night while gaming (all worked fine) but when I exited the game and back to the desktop, Flux adjusted brightness back to its setting but then stopped an lost its values.
    When I went down to tray icon and clicked it, flux normal window didn't pop up and taskbar got some weird rendering (like 2 flux minimized but one wasn't real (memory corruption?).
    Anyway, I restarted Flux from task-manager and all was normal, could be one-off thing I am on latest 1803.

    Oh, please give an option for notifications, every time I start a game I get the flux disabled etc and sometimes it changes my game to a windowed mode cause it interrupted it on loading. Then I have to go into game setting and change it even though it was set right.

  • @edkiefer Just an Update, still on 4.71 and haven't run into the issue I mentioned above.
    Probably just a one-off thing.

  • @herf Currently with 4.72, it seems to happen if I avoid touching my computer, and if I plug my Iphone into the computer. Is there going to be a fix for it soon? It is very frustrating.

  • I posted a workaround (4.73) just a moment ago. Try updating one more time to see if it helps?

  • Using 4.73 on Win10 1803 and still experience f.lux getting unresponsive after a while. It happens constantly. The only way to stop f.lux is by killing the job in task manager. But after a while, screen colours revert to standard and f.lux is again unresponsive.
    nVidia GeForce 650M and Intel HD 4000 (Optimus)
    Displaylink USB3 docking station with 2 FHD neovo displays
    8GB RAM

  • 4.74 seems to have fixed the problem with crashes when connected to Displaylink. Great! Thanks!

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