USB connection/disconnection causing tint to temporarily disappear

  • On the most recent update to Windows 10 (version 1803) with flux v4.66, connecting/disconnecting a USB device causes f.lux's tint to disappear until a new window is focused on. Clicking on a different window than the one currently in focus (whether the same or different application), clicking on the desktop/taskbar, and using Atl+Tab all immediately cause the tint to reappear. This occurs for all USB devices that I have tested (keyboard, mouse, etc.).

    In my HMDI dual monitor setup, the tint briefly disappears when switching to/from 2 screens, but the tint almost instantly reappears on its own once the switch is completed. I do not have any external USB monitors.

  • #metoo
    (no too much pun intended)

    yes you nailed the issue very precisely, good job.
    there is a similar thread with loss of tint without the dots connected.

    Good to know the direction where to dig/ debug

  • f.lux team

    Thanks @Paul-Harris - for some context, f.lux v4 avoids constantly looking for color changes and tries only to "fix" what other programs do in a few specific ways, so you're seeing what's expected, except that f.lux should definitely be detecting any new screen that makes your desktop bigger, so that's a bug.

    That list currently includes: plugging in a new device (which seems like it's not working here), returning from sleep, and switching apps (like alt-tab).

    When you plugin a device, does it look right for a bit and then reset later? Or does the tint instantly disappear?

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