Disabling when running (not using) an app

  • Hi,
    could you add an option to disable f.lux, when app is just running, but not necessary on foreground? I have two displays and I'm watching video on one and doing something on other. Disabling when using an app doesn't work, because video app isn't on foreground.

  • Bumping this FR. I have "disable when using" for a photo editing app, which is a pretty cool feature (!), but when viewing exported files in a different application f.lux re-enables, so I end up needing to just disable entirely. If I could disable so long as this app was running, that would be convenient :)

  • Would like this feature too, this would come in handy when streaming and click out of OBS to type in chat. Or when I move my mouse from one computer to another.

  • @dango
    How did you disable flux for the photo editing software? I don't any options like that.
    I'd disable it when using photoshop and premiere pro.
    Thanks for your help!

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