Flux uses loads of internet bandwidth?

  • I have an internet bandwidth monitor on my system by Sophos and the report they have given is as follows.

    Application: \fluxsoftware\flux\flux.exe
    Times opened: 111405
    Bandwidth used: 13.15 GB

    This is for a seven day period. Is it really true that flux uses so much internet bandwidth when i can see no reason for it to use any?


  • No that is really unusual - the only server we connect to is our own (for updates), and if it were doing that we would definitely notice! Also f.lux should only be opened at startup, so that would mean a whole lot of reboots too.

    Can you see which domains this exe is making connections to? You might try https://glasswire.com for this.

  • Thanks for this, i wouldn't expect this to be the case either, the software is only installed on 3 machines. Mine (never rebooted) and two others that are rebooted perhaps twice per day maybe 3 at most!
    I will have a look and see if anything comes up. It certainly didn't seem right to me, maybe it is a bug on sophos!

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