Adding a feature for a custom overlay, or controlling dimming individually for each display?

  • I have three monitors, and while I watch a movie or play games I need to manually turn the side ones off or dim them using the monitor controls.

    I'd like a way to either dim the side monitors with flux while keeping my main monitor bright, or preferably if possible, add a mode kinda like the Vignette Mode (though so it works on multiple monitors) that would overlay a custom transparent image on top that I could edit so it dims the secondary monitors almost completely while keeping the part I have discord/steam chat visible.

  • @JohnEdwa In version 4.66 you can use the disable for fullscreen apps. I'm pretty sure this feature was in previous versions too.

  • @fetymann Huh, I tried disabling Flux for the individual programs/games but that setting doesn't actually affect the dimming (just the colour temp stuff) and as a result I never thought about trying the "For Fullscreen Apps" as I thought it wouldn't either. I can confirm setting "For Fullscreen Apps" will disable both colour temperature and dimming and works for my purpose.

    Although that setting desperately needs a blacklist/whitelist as well, I don't want fullscreening a youtube video at night to blast it at full blue brightness at my face.

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