UWP f.lux causes SYSTEM to keep handles to process' exe files in AppData open after process exit

  • Using Windows 10 Pro 17133.1
    Using AMD GPU driver 18.3.4

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Install UWP f.lux from the Microsoft Store https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9N9KDPHV91JT
    2. Install Discord https://discordapp.com/ (Also works with other apps that install to AppData like osu https://osu.ppy.sh/home)
    3. Close Discord from the system tray.
    4. Launch f.lux
    5. Enter a location into f.lux and click OK so f.lux turns on
    6. Launch Discord
    7. Wait for the updater to finish updating and then close Discord from the system tray
    8. Try to rename Discord.exe found in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Discord\app-*\Discord.exe to be met with this: https://i.imgur.com/IuHe5yW.png
    9. Close f.lux from the system tray
    10. Click "Try Again" in the "File In Use" window shown in the screenshot above. The file will successfully rename.

    I was unable to reproduce this issue with the win32 edition of f.lux

  • The UWP sandbox does not allow us to access files like this directly.

    The location dialog should use an IE control - I do not know how that works because I am only using the one built into Windows.

    Does this happen in a f.lux session if there is no map shown?

  • @herf The issue of the topic does not occur if a location has not been setup with f.lux. On a fresh f.lux install, the location dialog will popup. I can rename exes in AppData freely while the location dialog is up at that state. When I enter a location and click OK for f.lux to start working, that's where things go wrong.

  • thanks - I will look into it.

  • @herf were you able to reproduce the issue? if you weren't, I can try and reproduce it in a VM for you.

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