Laptop ambient light sensor?? Don't I already have one built in?

  • Why do I have to change settings based on time of day. I have a camera, so can't you detect the ambient light from that?

    Also, it seems you could pick it up from my phone's light sensor, automatically... can you??

  • To answer your first question, which I think brings up a very interesting point, f.lux aims to do more than detect and match ambient light, which doesn't have anything to do with daily rhythms of human biology and circadian timing. f.lux runs the lights in our house, for example, and we do lots of interesting things with both cameras and sensors. Unfortunately when it comes to supporting millions of users it gets more complicated as all computer light sensors and cameras are a bit different (and lots of computers have no light sensors at all). We've got a number of things in the works, hope you'll like them.

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