I cannot get old screen colors back even after 'uninstalling F.lux (alt+esc did not end F.lux)

  • f.lux made my 2 screens a bluish or greyed out color. It is morning. These screen colors are bothering me. I tried Alt + esc to disable f.lux but it did not seem to do anything. I uninstalled it using the Windows (7) control panel (though at first it said I was not authorized, it seemed to do it). There is still flux software in my User>AppData > Local.
    I cannot change the colors. and I have no idea how the screens were previously set/calibrated, so it is not like I can just redo it.

  • Hi @lakeside - can you try reinstalling and uninstalling from our website? It sounds like f.lux did not uninstall properly. And also, there is an uninstaller fix in the new version.

    Also, occasionally there is an issue because we try to load color profiles, and often they are not loaded at all by Windows 7. So if uninstalling doesn't help, you might also check the Color Management control panel to see what is in there.

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