[Win10] How do I disable ALL popups?

  • I'm getting "F.lux is disabled for Application" when I open/switch to applications that I've disabled it for. I don't want to see that popup, or any popup ever, to be frank.

    No option in the right click -> f.lux options to disable it.
    No listing in Win 10's "Get notifications from these senders" list.

    alt text

    Where do I disable it? I really like f.lux but I find any popups to be mildly infuriating.


  • There is currently no option in f.lux to disable this built-in notification, but I agree that it's needed.

    The reason why you're not finding a way to get rid of it in the Windows Control Panel is, it's a part of f.lux. It is something built into it. It's not a Windows Notification that's being sent to Windows via the Notification Area. It's something that f.lux is doing independently.

  • Thanks. I will look for an alternative program instead.

  • f.lux team

    Hi @Jamez0r - we display this notification once per session, because it has been the #1 problem people have had... they forget they disable f.lux for an app, and cannot figure out why.

    We will probably add a way in the future to turn this off, but if you use f.lux for more than an hour, it shouldn't be very intrusive.

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