PLEASE HELP! Trying to download old version, opens as new version.

  • Trying to download the old version, after it automatically updated to the dreadful new one. Uninstalled the new one completely, then downloaded the old one using the following link, as provided by the admins here:

    When I install from that link, it opens as the crappy new one. No sign of v3 at all. What am I doing wrong, please? Tried multiple times. Tearing my hair out over this. I use Windows 10 (ugh). I read something about 'disabling automatic updates' but I don't understand what that means, does it mean disable something in flux itself, or in Windows? How can I disable something in flux before I have installed it? Can't figure out how to disable automatic updates in Windows 10 either, if that's the answer. About to give up on flux entirely!

    This is my first post here, so apologies if it's in the wrong place or whatever.

  • Just in case v3 is really no longer available, what is it about the new version you don't like? Perhaps I can help you make it more tolerable.