Adjust brightness for hue lighting

  • The support for hue is fantastic!

    In a given room a person may have a variable number of hue bulbs and the room size can vary. In the 4.66 release notes it says that the hue brightness has been re-calibrated. It is now a little brighter than I would want it in the evening, probably because I have 5 hue bulbs in a fairly small room. It would be great if I could adjust the relative scale of how a given f.lux brightness translates to a given hue brightness. The UI might be as simple as exposing a slider that adjusts the relative scaling slightly plus or minus.

    One other wish list item. On windows, alt-shift-pgup and pgdn adjust the color of both the hue lights and the monitor. alt-pgup and alt-pgdn only adjust the brightness of the monitor. I would like alt-pgup and alt-pgdn to also adjust the hue brightness, or alternately add new hotkeys that only adjust the hue brightness up or down separate from the monitor.

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