f. lux 4.66 Windows 10 Location not saving

  • Re: Location Won't Change

    Browser: Chrome

    Uninstalled a previous version I downloaded Jan. 20, 2017 and installed this version today. It may in fact be the same. Both of the programs will show the map of new location when entering coordinates but not save it when clicking "OK." It maintains the default location which is in a different time zone.

    Windows compatibility checker/troubleshooter didn't fix it either.

  • Oops, forgot to add... system is 64-bit (should that make a difference).

  • So is it manually-entered coordinates that aren't sticking?

    It worked for me both with automatic and manually-entered...trying to figure out what steps you're taking.

  • Yes, I'm manually trying to change the coordinates. Recent bizarre observations: Opened the program from task bar; the "Where am I" map on f.lux is showing an area NW of Wichita, Kansas yet when I copied/pasted the f. lux map coordinates into a google search, the google map shows my general neighborhood on the east cost... 1 hour later than Kansas!

    Really scratching my head though why leaving the N setting alone and changing the W setting to negative (-) and either deleting the W/typing E brings it to my neighborhood on the "Where am I" map. [Leaving W negative puts me near Nepal.] When I click on OK, both my neighborhood map and the altered coordinates don't stick... a mystery to me.

    Appreciate your efforts herf.

  • Moreover, in manually entering my zip code, the "Where am I" map changes to my neighborhood, but clicking OK only saves the zip code... the map reverts back to Wichita, Kansas again. I will leave it on this setting and see what happens tonight. (Haven't tried that.)

  • With my zip code manually entered last night (EST vs. the CST on "Where am I" map near Wichita), the program activated 9 hours before my designated wake time. It appears to be linked to my computer's clock, not the map. To test that, I manually entered a zip code in California this a.m., watched the "Where am I" map change to that city in California and clicked OK. The program saved the California zip but the "Where am I" map changed to Omaha, Nebraska. What's really interesting on the opening window of the program, sunrise was calculated at PST, but the wake time was calculated EST (evidently, based on my computer's clock). Exited, rebooted, opened program again and changed back to my East Coast zip code... the WAI map showed my general neighborhood until I clicked OK... retained the zip and back to Omaha. The sunrise and sunset setting keeps alternating, so I can't tell whether it's EST or CST... the wake time was based on EST.

    Knowing now that the program is linked to my computer's clock (not map), my work-around is to designate my wake time on what hour I want f.lux to activate at night (not actual wake time). E.g., if bedtime is 11 p.m., and no blue light after 8 p.m., I'd set my wake time to 5 a.m. Guessing these anomalies might affect the sliders in "Adjust day and night colors together" but I will let the f. lux software engineers determine that.

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