What is the impact of "Effects and extra colors " options on blue light emission ?

  • F.lux is marvelous but i have an urgent question : if i enable , for exemple , "Blue Sky" mode from "Effects and extra colors" section, will there be an impact or increase of blue light emission amount ? Thank you.

  • Yes. They're just effects for fun.

  • Ok, thank you, i was just afraid that the "Blue Sky" mode causes the generation of blue light because in "Blue Sky" mode, there is a word "blue" .

  • Well yeah it does. If you're seeing blue, you're seeing blue. I mean, that's pretty much all there is to it.

  • It shouldn't be more blue - all we can do usually is take away light.

    The circadian response number that appears in the UI is pretty complicated, but you can rely on it to be correct.

  • It seems to be more blue to me. If I choose 800K, "circadian response" says 0%. If I switch to Blue Sky, it says 41%.

    If I choose Sky Blue while I have 6500K selected, it says 50%. Plain 6500K says 58%.

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